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I get such a thrill when I return to a city that I have previously judged or Master taught and dancers or teachers approach me and say, “It is because of you that I have taken a different approach to staging or showmanship/musicality.”

I 100% believe in myself, I am very strong with my individuality and self-expression and generally love the fact that I can pass on that confidence and character to thousands of young dancers around the world.

So my advice is to keep growing and learning; the education process NEVER ends!

The best part of being a performing artist is that the process is NEVER complete, so there is always room for growth and improvement. There is always the desire to adapt to one person’s perspective and to take from that perspective what works best for you in your choice of artism.

Our best education as artists is our experiences from life. Dance is an experience and a journey in community of a common bond. Thank you for allowing me to be a valuable part of those experiences that helps the performers of the future discover who they are as individuals and artists!
The SJD BBQ Bonanza was held May 7, 2016.
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BIG THANK YOU to the hardest working dance assistants:
Maddy Hummel, Roni Mortenson, Maya Crisp
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The 2016 Stacy J Holiday T-shirt winner is…
Congratulations Jessie! Your design will be used at the Stacy J Holiday recital!

Sarah Cohen
on winning the Stacy J and Breast Cancer awareness swag from the raffle held this weekend at TNT Fitness.
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